BISTI Reports & Conferences



  • Final Summary pdf icon from NIH National Conference on Knowledge Environments for Biomedical Research, December 11-12, 2006
  • Final Report pdf icon from National Centers for Biomedical Computing 2006 All Hands Meeting, July 17-19, 2006
  • Final Report pdf icon on the Computing Research Association (CRA)-NIH workshop on Computing Research Challenges in Biomedicine, July 15-16, 2006
  • Symposium Report pdf icon from NIH BECON/BISTIC Symposium (BB2004): "Biomedical Informatics for Clinical Decision Support: A Vision for the 21st Century", June 21-22, 2004
  • Archived website for Quantitative and Systems Pharmacology (QSPcol) Workshop I, September 25-26 2008.
  • Archived website for QSPcol Workshop II, September 9-10, 2010 .

Forum on Informatics Solutions

    NIH hosted four Web seminars with the common theme of networked science during 2010-2011. These seminars are part of the Forum on Informatics Solutions, an occasional series that provides deep information to NIH staff on biomedical informatics and computational biology and seeks to offer practical solutions to challenging issues. The speakers were asked to present for 30 minutes, allowing approximately 30 minutes for a question-and-answer and discussion session. 
    The seminars are archived below.  They should be of particular interest to NIH extramural staff who are developing programs that require an informatics core(s) and to NIH intramural staff who are interested in identifying points of synergy with NIH intramural or extramural informatics programs.

    The Forum on Informatics Solutions is sponsored by the NIH Biomedical Information Science and Technology Initiative (BISTI) and organized by Peter Lyster, Jack Jones, Calvin Johnson, Elaine Collier, Stephen Marcus, Ravi Sawhney, Israel Lederhendler, Vivien Bonazzi, Jennie Larkin, Michael Huerta, and Karen Skinner.

  • Douglas MacFadden, Harvard Medical School; Title: Eagle-i: Making the Invisible Visible, December 3rd, 2010
  • Michael Conlon, University of Florida; Title: VIVO: Enabling National Networking of Scientists, November 5th, 2010
  • Mark Musen, Stanford University, and Charles Borromeo, University of Pittsburgh; Title: Biositemaps/RDS: Living Inventory of Research Resources, February 4th, 2011
  • Mary Ann Martone, University of California, San Diego; Title: Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF)